Shower Steamers


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If you want a refreshing, energizing scent while taking a shower these tabs are GREAT for that they help relieve stress, sinus pressure and helps with calming the mind and body. Just activate the tab with a little bit of water and place off to the side inside the shower but NOT where it’s heavy water flow!Take deep breathes and enjoy.

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Jamaica Me Crazy, Mango, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Black Sea, Mango Apricot, Peppermint, Sea Salt and Orchid, Moon Lake Musk, Egyptian Amber, Arabian Sandalwood, Pink Sugar, French Vanilla, Chai Tea, Day at the Spa, Blood Orange, Cool Down, Southern Sexy, Patchouli and Ylang, Tea Tree and Lavender, lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense, Frankincense and Myrrh, Stress Relief and Orange


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